Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Hair

Text ColorThroughout my life people were always telling me.... You got "good hair"... Where you get that "good hair" from? I never thought too much about it. That is until the late 80's when i tried to get a high top fade but couldn't get that box shape just right. Anyway most African American women would die for the texture I was blessed with.

Did you know that African American women purchase 80% of all hair care products available on the market, though they only make up 6-7% of the entire population. That's enormous.

Chris Rock debuted a documentary that chronicles this phenomenon at Sundance and is a recipient of A Special Jury Prize.

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realitysurfer said...

Please view my Documentary BLACK HAIR, which exposes the Korean-take-over of the Black Hair Biz.

I have posted the entire film for free at this link